PHOTOPPORTUNIST | FAQ - Dallas/Plano Portrait Studio for Women

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I book a Senior or Individual Portrait Session, can I bring my mom or friends or kids with me? 

Absolutely, we recommend that you bring someone with you for these sessions. We know that it will help relax you and make you more comfortable, but we would also like you to make sure that this is someone who supports your vision for the shoot. If this is someone who is highly opinionated and can make you feel nervous, we would appreciate it if you don't bring them. As for kids, it is a photography studio where there will be very heavy equipment around and we do not want them to hurt themselves and also it will distract you from enjoying your day of pampering and keep me from delivering the best experience you can probably have.

2. When booking a portrait session, can I turn this into a girl's party for my friends?

We are here to please, your wish is our command. We would absolutely love to turn it into a fun glamour party for a girls day out.  But do talk to me ahead of the booking so we can include some fantastic extras to make the experience complete. Do remember to make some plans for after the shoot, since all of you will be dolled up! The session fee will remain the same for you and up to two more friends. Talk to us for more details.

3. When you say there will be professional make up artists and hair stylists, would that mean that they will style me the way they want?

Absolutely NOT, these sessions are for you and they are co-collaborators in the process. The look and style of the shoot will be agreed upon with you and ONLY what you want will be done. Ideally I would recommend that you bring your own lashes and foundation, especially if you have a more sensitive skin like I do. But the make up artist will have her own professional palette with her. We will discuss the look with her once more before anything is applied to your skin. Similarly for the hairstylist, only what is discussed with you will be done. Do remember that hair styling is the part that takes the longest and your session can extend based on the look. Although let me remind you, this is a day of pampering and you should enjoy every bit of it. 

4. How do I prepare for these sessions? Do I get a tan? What clothes do I wear?

At the pre-consult, I will go through each style and look with you in detail. The majority of the wardrobe will come from you and I will talk to you about pieces that I have that will accentuate your beauty, your persona and your style. We can even build a pinterest board together to create a mood board. Tanning is completely up to you, although I would be VERY wary of tan lines, these are hard to remove in post processing and cost much more to do so. To prepare for a shoot, typically get a mani-pedi done the day before, as your hands and sometimes your feet will show in the pictures. If you are going to wax/shave, please ensure you do so atleast 2 days prior, so that any redness or bumps are gone by the time you come in for the session. Make sure your skin is moisturized, by applying lotion for the whole week leading up to your shoot. Do NOT worry we will send you an email with all these little tips and tricks to help you prepare for your shoot, one week before the shoot.

5. I am a little skittish about doing the shoot. What do I do?

We assure you the utmost privacy. We will do these sessions either at your house or at my home studio. There will just be one assistant(if at all one is needed) and the make up artist and hairstylist who are professionals and they will all be women (if you require them to be). We do NOT shoot nudes, only implied nudes(that too only if you want to) - so at no point will you be required to take off your clothes! You will have a private room to change in and you will be signing an air tight contract with regards to the privacy of your photographs and the actual shoot itself. Nothing will be shot or done without your written approval. No picture will be shared without your written approval.

6. Do I need to bring anything for a Photo session?

Just the clothes we agreed on, the underwear that will match those outfit options, your foundation, your lashes and your great attitude. Besides I will send you an email to remind you, so DO NOT worry. I will also attach a checklist to your welcome packet once you book a session.

7. So do you shoot birthday parties, anniversary parties or weddings or events of any kind?

Unfortunately no,I do NOT shoot events of any kind. But I would be happy to recommend quality photographers that I know of. 

8. I do not look like a model, how do you suppose you can take a great picture of me?

Fact is this is about enhancing your inherent beauty, when you are confident and relaxed, it will show through and we will talk you through poses, make up and wardrobe choices that do exactly that. This is about YOU,the woman you are and your journey. This is about creating a memory for you and your family, one that you will cherish for a long time to come. This session is about letting the real you shine through and we will do everything at our end to pamper that out of you. At the end of the session I assure you that you will walk out feeling on top of the world with images that are nothing but BEAUTIFUL and the absolute BEST photographs that you have ever seen of yourself.

9. I can't make it in for my in-person ordering session, is there an alternative?

The in-person ordering session is so you can see the photos on a screen that will be true in color rendition vis-a-vis your prints. No Skype window or FaceTime can ever replace that. But, the date will be fixed depending more on your availability, so not to worry!


To book your session contact us at 732-357-5948 or message us here.